Friday, 27 July 2012


Hey guys I wanted to post this NOTD, but its more like Nail of a few weeks ago as I took a little break from blogging and didn't get a chance to put this up until today, anyway this nail polish is Angelica nail colour no. 66 "Guilty". You can purchase this nail polish from Penneys (Primark for   my English and Northern Ireland readers) and the best thing is it's only €2.79 a bottle! 

This is after three coats for to get it nice and opaque, I would recommend putting a base colour on first and then this nail polish over as I noticed after I took the photos that there were still some gaps between the glitter. I also didn't apply a top coat as I was curious to see how it wears. Here it is after 2 days but with not much use of my hands if that makes sense meaning it didn't really have a chance to chip.

And here is the nail polish after I was finished work on the second day. Quite a lot had chipped away but it could have more to do with the thick layers I put on and I really think this could be solved by first putting on a base colour and a top coat aswell.

I think if you see this nail polish you should definitely pick it up even for the colour alone, it's a stunning blue and pink glitter that looks great in the bottle and on the nails and good quality for the price, I can't wait for to try out other colours in this range...... Oh and to take it off you ask? I suggest you do the tinfoil method which you soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and place it on your nail and secure it by wrapping some tinfoil around your finger, leave for ten minutes and then remove!

Until next time,
RubySkullrose xx