Saturday, 28 January 2012

OOTD: Boyfriend's Birthday Celebrations

Heya guys so last week was my boyfriend's birthday, I decided to mix up my blog a little by doing an OOTD (Outfit of the day). We celebrated at home, had a couple of friends over for a few drinks and dance central party!

Here is my outfit in the full, I decided to go for casual dressy 

I got this feather necklace in Pennys, I've wore it quite a lot so it's a bit ruffled (see what I did there!)

I also got these peacock earrings in Penneys, I've been searching for  a pair for ages . They cost €3!

Here is a close up of the crop top I wore, It has a lovely lace detail

This is the bracelet from my Claires Accessories haul which you can check out here

These boots are about two years old they are a lovely suede wedge that I picked up from  Shoe Rack in Pamela Scotts

And here was my hair for the day which I followed a tutorial from this blog  I found on Pinterest

This was my eye makeup for the night, just something casual and quick with a little teal glitter thrown in for fun!

So that was my OOTD (or night I suppose). Hope you enjoyed this post as I will have more to follow just to keep things interesting. I had a wonderful night and my boyfriend enjoyed his celebration too!

Until next time,
RubySkullrose xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Claires Accessories Haul

I was walking by my local Claires Accessories the other day when I spotted they had a sale on, items marked 4 euro or less and 3 for 2. I couldn't resist popping in and picking out a few pieces for to treat myself with some of my left over Christmas money. 

I just love this necklace it's so edgy yet elegant at the same time!

I couldn't pass up this wristband which added girly sparkle to suede

How badass is this ring 

These are just the cutest, can't wait to wear them hopefully they will make interesting conversation starters and I can find fellow bloggers while out and about.

Another love of mine, Photography :)

And finally a pair of earrings for to match my necklace
So thats what I bought! Expect to see these items in future OOTDs which I'm gonna start doing this week,
Until next time,
RubySkullrose xx