Saturday, 22 October 2011

How to revive a synthethic wig

Since it's so close to halloween I was thinking of costume ideas and looking at what I already had from previous halloweens. I found a white wig in my press which would be perfect for what I had in mind, the only problem though was that it was a complete frizzy mess!! I wondered how could I fix this and after a little research on the net here is what I came up with.

Here is what the wig looks like to begin with, a frizzy mess!!

Here is what your gonna need to sort this mess out:

  • A clip (to hold the straightened sections away from the section your working on)
  • Spray water (I used this La Roche Posay sample one but you could use a spray bottle)
  • A leave in conditioning spray (this will help restore a bit of shine and give the wig a nice smell)
  • A round bristle brush (for to brush the wig, I find these ones work best)
  • A hair straightener/curling iron (not pictured above) (you need something with an adjustable heat setting so you can apply just enough heat without melting the fibers, in this tutorial I use my curling iron to straighten as my ghd doesn't have an adjustable heat setting.
First off taking a section of the wig, start by misting the spray water on to the section you are working on, next mist a little of the conditioner on. We don't want the fibers to be too wet but just enough so we can mould it with the heat. Then take your curling iron or hair straightener and set it to the lowest possible setting in my case this was 150 degrees Celsius. Then straighten the section, you may want to test this on part of the wig where you can't see first just to make sure and not to cause any damage that can be seen!

Next take your round brush and brush the section you have just straightened.

And here is the result from that one section! Alot better than what we started with.

Continue this method around the whole wig and you will end up with an all together much looking wig that you can now reuse for this years Halloween

I hope this helps and please remember to use caution with heated hair tools and also to try the lowest possible setting first and adjust accordingly.  I was really nervous when I tried this as it is not usually recommended to use heated products with a synthetic wig so use at your own discretion,
Much love
     RubySkullrose xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Colourful FOTDs and sick!!

Heya pretties who read my blog (yes I'm talking to you)!  :)
 So a good lots happened since my last blog, I changed my hair colour to black but kept a bit of fun going on in the underneath by leaving the red in. It was a pretty big change and took me quite a while to get use to it, I had no idea in what direction to go with my makeup!

  But I soon got use to it and I'm really happy now because reds and neon pinks are gonna look so awesome all I need now is the Kat Von D waves!! So last week I did a really colourful look and also wore my fringe back and man did I look like a different person all together, sometimes it's nice to try something new. I used my 120 palette to create this look and it really cheered me up as it was quite gloomy out.

Excuse the whiteness of my face in some pics, not sure why that was happening! So fast forward to the next week, I was so busy I also had an interview in a pharmacy so was really stressed out, I'm expecting a call back so fingers and toes crossed. Due to my stress and also an immediate weather change I am now sick as I'm writing this so I've a bad cold which is slowly turning into a chest infection so off the doctors with me tomorrow.
  I decided to play with make up to cheer me up a little, although it was eleven at night ha ha, but it instantly lifted my mood and I loved the way it turned out and decided to curl my fringe for a rockabilly look.

It was heartbreaking having to take it all off, I immediately wanted to go out! I'm really loving fake lashes at the moment as well as you can see in the other look I have teeny eyelashes, so I think the fake ones really add to a look. Also as a suggestion from a friend I am considering doing video tutorials along with looks I post and also for my nail art as I know from my own experience its hard to see whats going on in a makeup look and also hard to follow picture tutorials as you can't see all the necessary steps, let me know what you guys think would love to hear from you all.

Well until next time,
   RubySkullrose xx