Monday, 3 October 2011

Colourful FOTDs and sick!!

Heya pretties who read my blog (yes I'm talking to you)!  :)
 So a good lots happened since my last blog, I changed my hair colour to black but kept a bit of fun going on in the underneath by leaving the red in. It was a pretty big change and took me quite a while to get use to it, I had no idea in what direction to go with my makeup!

  But I soon got use to it and I'm really happy now because reds and neon pinks are gonna look so awesome all I need now is the Kat Von D waves!! So last week I did a really colourful look and also wore my fringe back and man did I look like a different person all together, sometimes it's nice to try something new. I used my 120 palette to create this look and it really cheered me up as it was quite gloomy out.

Excuse the whiteness of my face in some pics, not sure why that was happening! So fast forward to the next week, I was so busy I also had an interview in a pharmacy so was really stressed out, I'm expecting a call back so fingers and toes crossed. Due to my stress and also an immediate weather change I am now sick as I'm writing this so I've a bad cold which is slowly turning into a chest infection so off the doctors with me tomorrow.
  I decided to play with make up to cheer me up a little, although it was eleven at night ha ha, but it instantly lifted my mood and I loved the way it turned out and decided to curl my fringe for a rockabilly look.

It was heartbreaking having to take it all off, I immediately wanted to go out! I'm really loving fake lashes at the moment as well as you can see in the other look I have teeny eyelashes, so I think the fake ones really add to a look. Also as a suggestion from a friend I am considering doing video tutorials along with looks I post and also for my nail art as I know from my own experience its hard to see whats going on in a makeup look and also hard to follow picture tutorials as you can't see all the necessary steps, let me know what you guys think would love to hear from you all.

Well until next time,
   RubySkullrose xx


  1. Really like the second look a lot. Love the way you did your hair too...all looks great!

  2. I LOVE the second look!! I love the first one but the 2nd one is the BOMB!!!! Gorgeous!

  3. I love this look! Great Post :)