Saturday, 17 September 2011

Nail polish bargains

A while back when my laptop was being repaired I wandered into my local pharmacy and found they had a clearance on some essence nail polishes so of course I had to pick some up, here's what I got:

Essence "Chacalaca" from Whoom! Boom Collection
A lovely inky blue colour

Essence "You've got the Art" from the Whoom! Boom Collection  
Sort of a yellow green colour
Essence "Andy you're a Star" from the Whoom! Boom collection
A really bright orange
Essence's Colour and Go regular polishes in "Movie Star"
This looks so handy, can't wait to try it out will be good for doing polka dots too :)

Here are some swatches of these beauties:

So that's it, A lovely few nail polishes to add to my collection for half price, they certainly softened the blow of losing all my files off my laptop,
RubySkullrose xx


  1. U will be disapointed to see it is only me commenting here haha,, i love the movie star polish and also the pen looks savage! need to invest in one of those for when i actually have nails to paint lol

  2. not at all hun, always nice to have a comment :) The nail pen is real handy, hope to find them in more colours, Movie Star is the perfect autumn nail colour :D